Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cane Shelf - before and after!

Well we all know that cane and bamboo are quite popular at the moment.  But it's not only chairs and side tables that can be revamped to look either very beach house hamptons style, asian chinoiserie style or just plain fun and eclectic 70's style!

Either way, I love all those styles.  I think that if you choose the right piece for the style you're after it can look perfect and can have the feeling that it was made for the space.  But not all cane furniture is beautiful and not all can give you that 'wow' you may be hoping for.  It's all about design, form and function, so choose those pieces wisely. 

For my office makeover here I used a 70's vintage cane shelving unit. 
Now, some may think...eeek!, a daggy cane shelving unit.  Which is how I used to think not so long ago too,   haha!  But as I was dreaming about my concept for the office space and the furniture I needed, I suddenly saw the cane shelving as something I could possibly make to tie in with the style I was going for. 

This is what it looked like before...

I know...nothing fancy hey!

But with a couple of coats of undercoat painted on.

Then I used about 5 cans of high gloss enamel red spray paint, which was roughly about 2 coats of paint.
I probably spent a little more than I would on an actual tin of paint but I didn't want to take too long getting this piece finished and spraying gave it the smooth finish I was after.  Also with so many fiddly bits to paint who wouldn't want to just spray!


And then voila!   After....

So next time you see those cane shelving units from way back in the 70's,  maybe they may not be so daggy after all? (but then I'm bias  What do you think?  ; )


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